By Kiyimba Bruno

After Uganda National Examinations Board insisted on allowing SMS companies to release results, many schools have complained to the examinations body saying candidates were leaving behind bad debts with schools since they could access their results, anyway, by SMS.

There is an impression that once a child registers for UNEB, they become a property of the examinations body. Teachers can no longer own them, but the government.

On the other side, the teachers at various schools who have been helping these young boys and girls to end up on the losing side, after students sit for exams before completing their school fees dues.

Before, the students would return to the school and would not access their results unless they have cleared their outstanding balances.

However today, parents and their children get results from the examination board through mobile phones hence don’t mind returning to the schools to clear their debts. This has affected many schools.

According to Moses Kaheru, the spokesperson of UNEB, parents must play their role of paying in time. He however advised parents to sit with the teachers in order to come up with solutions to this problem.

UNEB as an examination body in the country has been giving out codes where a parent would enter the child’s index Number. After all this service is not for free, but there is a charge for the service. This leaves schools wondering on whose side UNEB is?

Is this a business, really?

The answer this time is that no parent who has a debt shall be able to access results since the schools have to send their fees clearance lists to UNEB.