Soroti High Court has quashed a petition that sought to nullify the election of Jacqueline Amongin as the Member of Parliament for Ngora district.

The petition was filed by Apolot Stella Isodo, a member of the opposition Forum for Democratic Change-FDC party citing bribery and noncompliance with electoral laws. Amongin won the race with 24, 599 votes against Isodo’s 19, 755 votes.

But Isodo alleged that Amongin, between December 2015 and February 2016, distributed hand hoes, clothing, iron sheets, saucepans and money to voters, an act that tantamount to voter bribery.

In her defence, Amongin told court that the said items were distributed in Ngora district between September and November 2015 under government’s Operation Wealth Creation.

In a ruling delivered by Soroti Chief Magistrate Ruth Nabasa, this morning, Justice Billy Vincent Kainamura said that the petitioner failed to prove that the alleged irregularities and noncompliance affected the results in a substantial manner. He dismissed the petition with costs.

Achilles Lubega, a lawyer representing MP Jacqueline Amongin welcomed the ruling.

The petitioner’s lawyer Samuel Isodo said the judge ignored some of the evidence presented before court. He added that the ruling will be challenged in a higher court.