By Kiyimba Bruno
The arch Bishop of the Kampala diocese Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga has advised Ugandans to stop corruption since it’s a vice that eats humans slowly but sure. Speaking this, Dr Cyprian was dressing members of the mamba clan in an annual general meeting at Pope Paul Memorial centre Kampala Ndeeba.

Some of the members of the Mamba clan who attended the meeting

The Arch Bishop says that when humans shake hands, normally one hand is used which has five fingers. These he saw as a symbol of five pillars that Ugandans should follow. The pillars included God’s existence, advising them to have good hearts, building up families, having good neighbourhoods as well as  loving one another and the nation at large.
“Ugandans are corrupt both the minds and the bodies. This must be stopped” says Dr Cyprian. It is on this function that he also advised them to have good hygiene to help them have good and appetizing bodies.

One of the leaders of the Mamba clan giving a speech
One of the leaders of the Mamba clan giving a speech

According to Mr Kiyega, a board member of the Mamba clan,they are in need of a lot of money which has to run the day to day activities of the clan.  The vice of the Mamba clan on the same note banned all the photographs of Mamba that were being sold with works like Mamba kakoboza. “When you go to the lake, you only find two fish. The male and the female. Nothing else. So where does the Mamba Kakoboza come from?” he asked.
Mr Kiyega also advised Ugandans to work hard to reduce poverty. He says that Poverty is caused by 2 strings which must be cut. These involve if you do not have cash or if there are no manners in someone.