By kiyimba Bruno
Uganda paediatric Association today has closed a two day drug exhibition on the medicines used mostly by children. Different organisations and drug companies came up to exhibit at hotel African. Some of the exhibitors included the main sponsor of the event world health organization, Zydus, Micro labs, wide spectrum enterprises Uganda Ltd, Regal phamacuticals among many more.
Speaking to the exhibitors one of the exhibitors under the drug Zaha said pharmacies are everywhere due to the fact that there is not enough medicine in government hospitals hence patients resort to buying prescribed medicine from drug shops.

He continued saying that this has spoiled the drug market since the National Drug Authority allows everyone who comes in. This in the end resort to sub standard drugs on the market which drugs are cheaper than the standard medicine.
It was further discovered that out of 100% of the medicines required in the hospitals, government can only afford 10% to be provided to the people. Hence substandard drugs fill in the gap to save the mass.
This comes after the closure of the paediatric conference which was aimed at refreshing the doctors on the current medicines and means of treatment to the young generation.
Some of the guest speakers included Dr Rebecca Mutanda, who is the current president UPA. Rebecca said that as an association, they have highlighted activities and implememted them over the past  years and was greatful to the UPA executive and the administrative team for the tireless work invested in the association growth.
Other speakers included Dr Okaba Violet, Dr Sarah Kiguli, Dr victor Tumukunde among many more.