By Kiyimba Bruno

Centenary rural development bank Uganda has injected 115000,000 in the 2017 Buganda kingdom Masaza cup.

In a function that took place at Bulange Mengo, the Katikiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayega showed the dummy check to the mass and confirmed how safe the money shall work.

This time round, each Saza team shall begin with UGX5m on their accounts plus 2 sets of jersey to enable them play smartly un interrupted.

In this tournament, any team that shall proceed to any step one by one, from semifinals, classification game and finals respectively shall be given UGX1m at each step respectively.

The teams also received 5 balls to enable them in their match games as well as training.

Kyaddondo, Buddu, Mawokota, Butambala, Bulemeezi, Buvuma, Busiro, Kyaggwe, Bugerere, Gomba,Busujju, Kyaggwe among many more are some of the Masaza  of Buganda where teams are expected to come from.