St. Patrick’s parish Madera in Soroti has stopped all activities under the Marian prayer group for allegedly contravening the teachings of the Catholic Church. The Marian prayer group, which operates a church in Aminit parish, is under the leadership of Maria Gorreti Omadi, a catholic faithful and self-proclaimed seer.

The group is said to have started from the activities of Father Lukyamuzi from Masaka diocese who allegedly used to conduct secret prayers in the member’s homes without the knowledge of the parish priest and the catholic diocese. In a July 10th letter addressed to Omadi, Reverend Father Simon Peter Wankya, the St Patrick’s Parish Madera Priest, outlines ten reasons why the Marian prayer group contravenes the teachings of the Catholic Church.

He accuses Omadi of shunning the Catholic Church devotions calling them demonic and fake, while claiming that hers is the only authentic and true movement of the church. Father Wankya also accuses Omadi of constructing a church in her home, recruiting a catechist who conducts Sunday services without the mandate and the guidance of the parish priest, luring people away from the Catholic Church claiming to be a seer whom Jesus has appointed to cure people and exorcise them from powers of Satan.

He also accused Omadi of claiming that she communicates with Jesus Christ directly and attempting to spread her movement to other parishes within the diocese without the approval and consent of the respective parish priests. In his letter, Father Wankya directs Omadi and her followers to explain their errant practices, seek guidance or be stopped from receiving Holy Communion and be regarded a defector.

He warns that should Omadi fail to respond to the accusations within the stipulated period, she will be barred from receiving any sacraments of the Catholic Church including being denied a Christian burial. Rev. Fr. Francis Kayaye, the pastoral coordinator Soroti catholic diocese, He said in a separate interview that the injunction was long overdue.

Maria Gorreti Omadi, the leader of the Marian prayer group has denied all the accusations leveled against her, saying she is a follower of the Catholic Church. She explains that the building she uses as her temple was constructed with the help of the people she prayed for who felt that she needs a descent prayer place.

Omadi wonders why the parish priest didn’t talk to her about the activities of the prayer group before issuing the canonical injunction, adding that she is still studying the content of the letter before taking the next move. She however, insisted that she talks to Jesus Christ.

The trouble of Omadi comes a few days after the Tribunal of Kampala Archdiocese suspended Father Jacinto Kibuuka, the leader of Mamre prayer center for violating the norms of the Catholic church. Kibuuka has since go on to join the Orthodox Church