Two bishops from Tooro have today spoken out against plans by the government to amend the constitution and remove presidential age limits.

In their latest assault on the proponents of the age limit removal, bishops Robert Muhiirwa Akiiki of Fort Portal Catholic Diocese and Reuben Kisembo Amooti of the Anglican diocese of Ruwenzori, urged leaders to protect the constitution which they swore to defend.

At the Uganda Martyrs Shrine, Namugongo, Bishop Muhirwa led Mass for catholics from Mbarara Archdiocese, who were on their annual pilgrimage. On the proposed constitutional amendment, Bishop Muhiirwa delivered what may go down as the most powerful and forceful homily.

Without mentioning names, the bishop reminded leaders of the oath they take while holding the bible.

“The word of God must not be played with. The leaders of this country must not joke with the Bible. They held a bible in their right hand and swore to defend the constitution,” he said.

Bishop Muhiirwa went on: “Therefore, with my authority as a Bishop of the Catholic Church, the constitution must not be altered to fit desires of an individual. The leaders must without question defend the constitution because they used the word of God to swear.”

His message attracted cheers from the congregation, in their thousands, who hail from the dioceses of Fort Portal, Kasese, Hoima, Kabale and Mbarara. It is these that make up Mbarara Archdiocese, one of the four Catholic archdioceses in Uganda.

Meanwhile, Speaking at a consultative meeting called held at Buhinga play ground in Fort Portal town, Muhirwa launched an attack on Tooro region ministers; Peace Mutuuzo [state minister for Gender and culture], Tom Butime [Cabinet Minister of Local Government] and Adolf Mwesige [Minister of Defence and Veterans Affairs] and Attorney General, William Byaruhanga.

The Bishop of went on and Blasted  ministers & MPs, saying “you will sleep in toilets if Museveni orders”.

While rejecting the amendment to remove the presidential age limit, the Bishop said that if President Museveni asked his ministers and Members of Parliament to sleep in toilets, they would gladly do so.

Muhirwa describe the ministers as timid and unreasonable saying they would do anything including sleeping in a toilet if the president willed it so.

He said the only respectable MPs with integrity are Fort Portal Municipality MP, Alex Ruhunda, and Kabarole District Woman MP, Sylvia Rwabwogo.

“And you Ruhunda, your knowledge is being wasted in NRM,” Bisho Muhirwa argued. “You are not using even a quarter of your potential. You should be the minister not this useless Mutuuzo.”

He said if it’s possible, Ugandans will use constitutional means to dislodge Museveni and his “bogus” parliament that the country has.

“Even if Museveni tells those members of parliament to sleep in a toilet, they will sleep in it,” the bishop told a cheering crowd, but quickly pointed out: “Except Ruhunda and Sylvia who respect the constitution.”

He said the constitution is above President Museveni and the likes of Kabarole district councillor, Joram Bintamanya, who he accused of spreading the age limit gospel.

“We have to learn discipline. The constitution is above Museveni and, Joram Bintamanya. This time round, Museveni found us awake and alert.”

The bishop said Batooro welcomed Museveni in 1986 when he was returning from the bush but that if he changes the constitution, Tooro will welcome another person that comes to liberate the country.

He said Ruhunda and Sylvia who should be getting ministerial positions are left out because they told Museveni the bitter truth—that he must retire.

“Adolf Mwesige, I don’t blame him. He even got sick and nearly died at his home. Then Museveni paid for him to go to India and get treated,” the bishop recalled.

“He [Mwesige] underwent surgery. Now someone who underwent a brain surgery, does he still have the intelligence to say anything sensible?” he queried, sending the crowd into wild cheers and ululations.

“When you spill porridge from a cup, it is no longer full. That’s the same with Mwesige’s brain.”

He described minister Mutuuzo as Museveni’s sycophant who licks his boots and then goes around singing age limit removal.

“At her age, singing for government! It is you [voters] who respect Museveni’s ministers. They don’t reason.”

He now turned full arsenal on Mutuuzo: “She has no substance at all. She only cares about being saluted as a minister and driving a big car.”

He concluded by advising Museveni to do the needful and let someone else take up the mantle from where things are now.