CAA have denied allegations that are being circulated around various media platforms insinuating that Entebbe International Airport toilets were the dirtiest in the world.

According to reports, it is said that according to the IGG’s report, the investigations completed on July 8, 2016 revealed that two fraudulently employed cleaning companies, Guardian Services Ltd (GSL) and Clear Environment Cleaning Services Ltd (CECS) instead of three cleaning shifts as agreed in their contracts were only undertaking two or less and that females cleaned males’ toilets in the airport premises and vice versa while the cleaning materials were littered around the lobbies and walkways.

The report also shows how on most occasions, the toilets lacked toilet paper and hand soap (like in public toilet, which has a high influx of visitors). It also disclosed that this mess was caused by shortage of manpower, absenteeism of the cleaners due to little pay and the general lack of supervision and knowledge on how to clean a facility of Entebbe International Airport’s stature.

It was critically noted that the cleaning materials and mode of doing so depended on individual creativity of a given supervisor as opposed to adherence to an international cleaning model like that one employed by better airports allover the world.

However, CAA says  that Entebbe International Airport has time and again subjected itself to Airports Council International (ACI) Airport Service Quality (ASQ) survey programmes under which volunteering airports are subjected to assessments through which airport users give feedback on service quality to measure passenger satisfaction. In one quarter of 2016, out of 2300 ACI members, only 261 worldwide airports volunteered (or had the guts) to participate in the ASQ survey (with only 14 Airports from Africa including Entebbe International Airport).

No airport can volunteer to participate in such a survey when their services are clearly wanting. The mere fact that Entebbe International Airport continues to offer itself to participate in such surveys is demonstration of confidence in the processes, services and ability to get feedback from stakeholders for continuous improvement.

Contrary to the social media reports, one of the areas in which Entebbe International Airport has received positive feedback in this and other surveys is in relation to cleanliness. Many frequent fliers attest to this.

In addition, the IGG report on airport cleanliness, which was alluded to in the social media reports only pointed out areas of weakness that were observed in some few out of many washrooms at the time of the investigation and these have since been duly addressed with appropriate corrective and preventive measures. The report did not classify the level of cleanliness in relation to other airports and should therefore not be misused to classify the cleanliness of Entebbe’s airport toilets in relation to those of any other airports.

Civil Aviation Authority remains committed to its mission of ensuring the “highest standards of safety, security and service” while observing continual improvement.