By Kiyimba Bruno
Businesses in Kasese  have started to normalise in Kaseese after long nights and dawns of terror.
Shops have started reopening slowly as Boda bodas enter the city one by one.
Markets like Mawa have also resumed their previous schedule of working Mondays and Thursdays of the week, selling fish, cows, clothes among many more.
Another opened market is Kasese  central market which was witnessed with numbers of people trying to begin a new life.
Taxis have also started entering the town slowly with charges being higher than the normal from Kampala.
According to chairman in Kasese  Mr Safari Munongo, people had feared to work but after the burials of the mass graves on Sunday, peoples minds started coming back to normal
Police spokes person Afande Felix Kaweesa meeting the press at police headquarters in Naguru, said  that the 130 people who were imprisoned including the  king Charles shall be charged for betraying their country among other cases.