By Kiyimba Bruno


Taking goods from Kampala to Kalangala is one of the tough exercises business men in Kalangala go through. The only transport means that can link you to the island is either air or water.

Now time for Christmas comes when everyone feels they should go have fun and do businesses at the pick.

The sad note is that Kalangala has only one ship that can transport food, goods, vehicles, people and the like at the same time. The local name here for this ship is “ekidyeri”

The most troubling thing is that, in the very month of December when the “ekidyeri” is on high demand, its the same time that Uganda government takes it for repairs.

Now the rationale of this puzzles me and I ask the question, “can’t the government get another period in the year to do the repairs?

When I talked to Joel, one of the common users of the ship, he said  that the government claims that its fighting poverty. How will you curb the disease when you are blocking its medicine?”

I left Joel and went Sheila, another passenger.

“We are greatly affected by not having the ship for transport. The boats are expensive and we have to meet the needs of out customers” said Sheila.

At this moment anyone who wants to go to the mighty Kalangala must use a boat. The government says that they are doing this to protect the safety of its people, but shall soon have a solution