By Kiyimba Bruno


The European investment banks, in partnership with Centenary bank have today organized a forum where entrepreneurs exchanged ideas on managing their businesses.


Andrew, a representative of the European investment Bank gave a simple story about a business that he started 19 years ago in a very difficult sector. He says that the resilience he has with his clients has helped him to reach a level of 22 people that he employs.


On the Road, Andrew got an accident that he was three and a half months down, where no one was allowed to see him since he had a heavy damage on his head.


As soon as he was better, Andrew rushed to the workplace to see how everything was. He was surprised to see that the people he led could actually do the work very well or even better than him.


This gentleman imagined a world whereby he was the everything of the business.


From that day, Andrew realised how important grooming and mentoring people is in order to reduce the stress of work.


This workshop that took place at Hotel Africana was attended by more than 50 people.