By Namugerwa Martha


Desperate elderly women once more stripped naked before Lands minister, Betty Amongi, in Amuru district due to the land wrangles, disputes and grabbing from rich and prominent people.

According to the sources, the minister visited the district this week with surveyors in a move to demarcate the land, which locals say was forced upon them.

To prevent the surveying exercise and protect their land, elderly women gathered and blockaded the road then started undressing themselves before the minister in actions of defiance.


Government had allocated over 10,000 hectares of land in Amuru district to Madhvani group for a Sugarcane plantation.

Lands Minister Betty Amongi went to survey the land to commence the sugar works only to survive being lynched by locals.

This is the second time the women of Amuru strip naked to prevent land grabbing, the first time was in 2015, where they stripped naked before the them minster of internal affairs , Aronda Nyakayirima and land minister Daudi Migereko protesting the planned demarcation of the disputed boundary between Amuru and Adjumani districts at Apaa, Pabbo Sub-county.

They openly accused government of trying to seize their lands under new land amendments, a move the opposition has been condemning and sensitizing the public about.

However, Kizza Besigye the opposition leader addressed these women as warriors. “Amuru women (warriors) and their men once again defend their land from “Minister” Amongi’s forceful survey! Great Amuru defiance,” He said.