President Yoweri Museveni while attending a wedding ceremony at all saints cathedral has urged married couples and those intending to embrace the institution to take marriage as union of two people who care for one another rather than taking marriage as a prison and an arena of advantage of others.

“You should not look at the ring as a prison. I have her now. However much I mistreat her she can’t do anything. This is not a prison. It is a beginning of a union which you use to nourish so that it grows by caring for each other,” he said.

The President pointed out what he referred to as the crucial elements of marriage saying they include companionship, building a home by creating wealth, producing and rising children, He called on married couples to endeavor and fulfill those tenets.

The President said this while witnessing the marriage vows of Ms. Amber Nanyonjo Kyambadde and Mr. Edgar Bagumire Bichetero at All Saints’ Cathedral, Nakasero in Kampala.