By Kiyimba Bruno

“I started as a waitress for my former boss who is now abroad” that’s the first statement that came out of Aunt Jane’s mouth when we went to visit her.

She says that she began working in such hard times when her children were young and she had to take care of them.

She worked for her boss for a period of 4 years from which she started up boiling warm water for the students where she realized that many of them actually needed it.

She shifted her wake up time from 6:00am to 4:00am since she had to go so early to prepare the tea for her customers.

It is from this that she is now one of the popular tea sellers when you enter Kampala International University.

She adds that from this small business she has educated her children who are now in secondary schools.

Aunt Jane has advised all youths to be creative and do not under look jobs since the job you under look today might be the job that could build you a house.