The Archbishop of Kampala diocese Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga has replaced his Private Secretary amid allegations of spying on him on behalf of government.

Speaking to journalists on Wednesday Archbishop Lwanga said that the attack on his Anglican counterpart the Namirembe Diocese Bishop Kityo Luwalira cannot be taken in isolation from threats he himself has received from different security organisations.

He said the attack cannot be by coincidence that on the very day a man wielding a stick beat security at Namirembe during Easter prayers, and attacked Bishop Luwalira, was the same day a car without a number plate was seen at Lwanga’s home and when police was alerted, the car sped off.

Fr. Charles Mpiima the long time private secretary to Dr Lwanga has been replaced with Fr. Honoratus Kazibwe.

Fr. Mpiima has been working with Lwanga for the last three years and assumed office in 2015 just after being ordained and replaced Fr. Deogratious Wannimba.

He has been charged with preparing the archbishop’s speech, arranging his trips both inland and outside the country, scheduling his meetings and appointments, preparing his clothing including pastoral cassocks, screening incoming letters to the boss and receiving his boss’ calls before he (Dr Lwanga) talks to callers.

Sources at Lubaga based home of the archbishop intimated that Fr Mpiima was shown exit last month before lent period and was sent to Bugonga parish in Entebbe.

He was appointed the deputy parish priest.

Mpiima replaces Fr Kazibwe who also replaced him as Lwanga’s Private Secretary.

Anthony Nakirya Mateega the deputy head of laity Rubaga cathedral says the Archbishop has a right to make routine changes of his secretaries adding that he has always made changes and posted them to different offices.

“The archbishop can make changes among his secretaries and post them to different offices where there is a need.”

Meanwhile sources at the archbishop’s residence told this website that Fr.Mpiima’s lone reshuffle raises questions saying that of recent, the archbishop’s reshuffles have always affected a number of people.

On Good Friday, Lwanga came out and blamed security agencies for providing President Museveni with false information about him.

Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga revealed that he’d been informed by an anonymous caller that the state had recruited several clergy including priests, nuns, and catechists to work as undercover agents.

Lwanga said the spy agents have since told President Museveni that the archbishop was plotting to overthrow his government.

During Easter prayers at Rubaga cathedral, Lwanga again talked about state spies within the church.

He cited a case of the priest who recently died under unclear circumstances and later the security personnel went to his residence claiming for a gun that the priest had reportedly been using to do their work.

However, security minister Gen Elly Tumwine said the state spies on all those doing “wrong things” and that if Lwanga is not doing anything sinister, he has no reason to worry.

Police spokesperson, Emilian Kayima also told journalists that the Archbishop should stay calm as security agencies handle the issues he has raised since Friday March 30.

In his sermon on Easter Sunday at Rubaga Cathedral, Bishop Lwanga said the church had no intentions whatsoever to overthrow the government.

During Good Friday prayers at Old Kampala playground, Archbishop Lwanga stunned the congregation when he accused intelligence agencies of misinforming the President that he plans to overthrow the government.

He also said the security agencies were recruiting some of his priests to spy on him.
Archbishop Lwanga, who is the current head of the Uganda Joint Christian Council, has often been at loggerheads with the government due to his outspoken nature about some wrongs such as corruption.