by Kiyimba Bruno

Jamshed soared was on board among the  47 people who died this morningin a plane crush
According to the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), Flight PK-661 was carrying 42 passengers and five crew members when it lost contact with a control tower on its way from Chitral to Islamabad.
The planet crashed into the mountains near Abbottabad and Havelian.
Azam Saigol, PIA’s chairman says that a pilot made a mayday call, saying he had lost control of one of the two engines,

“We were confident that the plane could land with one working engine,” Saigol said. “This is a tragedy. We are not absolving ourselves of any connection to this incident.”

According to Saigol, it’s “highly unlikely that this was a terrorist attack.” He added that the bodies of the victims would be transferred to hospitals in Islamabad

This is the first plane crush  following the one of last month where more than 70 people died including the Brazilian footballers.