By Kiyimba Bruno

Uganda’s Lion heart Alex Matsiko [72.6kg] managed to swipe a win in the battle dubbed Reign of Champions with a Knock Out [KO] against Austria’s Alexander Dokter [69.9kg].

The games were played at the MTN Arena Lugogo where various kick boxers showcased talent amongst themselves.

Matsiko did not find any problem in proving to the boxing sponsor Jack Pemba that he was worth going to Vegas.

Patricia Apolot, Uganda’s number one female Kick boxer did not find much grievances in winning her opponent Carina Greimel from Austria.

In a prematch press conference that took place at NANJING restaurant Kololo, the WFA president Mr. Jack Pemba announced that he had signed a 6 year contract to take Ugandan boxers to Vegas.

“To all those who are against Jack Pemba, iam here to stay. Iam rich and I know I will stay rich.  Stop fighting me because I know I have somewhere that iam taking Ugandan sports.” Said Pemba.

Pemba added that he is a Tanzanian with Ugandan blood who loves to see things moving forward. It is on this note that he busted all journalists who cruck fake stories about him that they should stop doing so.

“I have clean record. Even president Museveni Knows. So why are you poor people against a man who wants to see the sports of Africa moving forward?” asked Pemba.

The reign of Giants was massively attended by fans of both boxing and kick boxing.