Plus, TiVo is adding Alexa voice controls to its DVRs and a startup in North Carolina is going to help home buyers make an all-cash bid.

Airbnb has added surfing to its booking service. The home rental and travel company has partnered with The World Surf League to introduce more than 75 surf activities to its experiences category. The surfing activities will range from surfing lessons to surfing photo tours and will be available to book in 20 major surfing locations.  

TiVo is adding Alexa voice controls to its DVRs. The company announced that its Series 4, 5 and 6 DVR boxes are getting an update that will let customers command the Alexa-enabled device. Alexa will be able to skip commercials, change the channel, pause, fast forward and much more. The integration will be launched in early June. 

Ribbon, a startup in North Carolina, is going to help you win that bidding war on your dream home. Ribbon is introducing the first ever platform that allows buyers, sellers and realtors to participate together to guarantee a home transaction. Ribbon is not a lender, but offers homebuyers and sellers cash backing, just in case the mortgage doesn’t come through.