A selection of the best photos from across Africa and of Africans elsewhere in the world this week.

A Kenyan prisoner wearing a shirt with the words "Crime is not good" watches a mock world cup soccer match between Russia and Saudi Arabia, as part of a month-long soccer tournament involving eight prison teams at the Kamiti Maximum Prison, Kenya"s largest prison facility, near Nairobi,Image copyright Reuters
Image caption The entire continent appears to be gripped by World Cup fever, and these inmates at Kenya’s Kamiti Maximum Prison were not going to miss out. Hours before the first game of the contest on Thursday, they held their own Russia v Saudi Arabia match.
A Malian blind football gestures during a match of the International Blind Sports Federation"s Blind Football World Championships against Brazil in Madrid on June 08, 2018Image copyright AFP
Image caption Six days earlier, Mali’s visually-impaired football team were in Madrid to play against Brazil in the Blind Football World Championships.
Nigeria's and Russia's law enforcement officers take a selfie at the opening of the Centre for International Police Cooperation; the Centre is to be in operation during the 2018 FIFA World Cup.Image copyright AFP
Image caption Then on Tuesday, Nigerian police officers were pictured settling into their Moscow base, where they will be for the duration of the World Cup, by taking a selfie with one of their new colleagues.
Supporters of Morocco gather in St Petersburg ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup on June 13, 2018 in St Petersburg, RussiaImage copyright Getty Images
Image caption On Wednesday, it could have been tears for Morocco after it failed to win its bid to host the World Cup in 2026 – but that doesn’t seem to have dampened the spirit of these cheering fans in St Petersburg.
A little girl sits next to people praying at the site of a bus terminal in Adjame, a quarter of Abidjan, on June 14, 2018Image copyright AFP
Image caption Back on the African continent, this little girl was pictured waiting patiently while the grown-ups prayed at a bus terminal in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, on Thursday.
Tunisian families bring their children for annual circumcision feast tradition at Sidi Sahab Zawiya and Madrasa ahead of Laylat al-Qadr in Kairouan, Tunisia on June 11, 2018Image copyright AFP
Image caption Further north on Monday, this little chap was all smiles before taking part in an annual circumcision celebration in Kairouan, Tunisia.
Father Lucien Ambunga, a Catholic priest who survived the Ebola virus, welcomes a faithful at the St Joseph Church in Itipo on June 11, 2018.Image copyright AFP
Image caption The same day, Father Lucien Ambunga welcomes a congregant to St Joseph Church in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As a survivor of the recent Ebola outbreak, his wide smile is perhaps understandable.
A child leads a brass band on June 8, 2018 outside the High Court, in Durban, as he takes part in a rally in support of former South African president Jacob Zuma.Image copyright AFP
Image caption In Durban last Friday, this boy was charged with leading a brass band providing the music for a rally in support of Jacob Zuma, South Africa’s former president.
A man rides a donkey cart in Badme, a territorial dispute town between Eritrea and Ethiopia currently occupied by Ethiopia, June 8, 2018Image copyright Reuters
Image caption The same day, in the town of Badme, which an international court has awarded to Eritrea, an Ethiopian man goes about his daily business.
A man wearing many plastic bags and wearing a placard reading "Senegal clean. No to plastic bags" walks along the beach of Ngor, one of the most frequented in the agglomeration of DakarImage copyright AFP
Image caption Then on Saturday, on the other side of the continent, a “plastic monster” was seen walking along the beach in Dakar, Senegal, in a protest against plastic waste.

Pictures from AFP, Getty Images, EPA and Télévision Tunisienne 1.