A picture of a man in a yellow shirt easing himself near the entrance of the ministry of finance went viral with critiques spinning on social media. The debate was whether such a behavior befits an MP.

As discussions went on, the yellow-trademarked MP on Tuesday afternoon put the speculation to an end.

Arua municipality Member of Parliament Col Ibarahim Abiriga has admitted urinating on Kampala capital city Authority green belt opposite Serena hotel.

While responding to circulating photos of the legislator peeing on the roadside while is yellow car parked besides him, Abiriga confessed that the photos taken were true as he was busy in action.

‘’I was badly off, yes its true am a member of parliament but am also human being like you’ ’He told Journalists at Parliament.

Opposition chief whip Semuju Nganda has called on KCCA director Jeniffer Musisi to rush MP Abiriga to court on charges of being a public nuisance and loitering.

‘’You can’t go urinating on the green belts because you support NRM when we have gazetted places like hotels and other public buildings where someone can go to ease themselves’ ’he recommended

He added ‘’leaders we should live by examples, if KCCA does not charge him, we shall privately take on this matter to court’’.