By Robert S.E
Bukasa, Kampala


I first saw late Hon.General Julius Oketa in 1984 when he was a chief bodyguard of late Paulo Mwanga, vice-president of Uganda. By then, he used to dress like late President Mengistu of Ethiopia, putting on a scarf in his military uniform and that was unique.

I was told that he was an expert in jok sul(martial art)and well trained, I was a civilian, young person distributing fuel to their vehicles, we became friend, he proved loyal servant to all his bosses.

The next time I saw him he had made peace with the new government which came in 1986 of President Museveni. I was very happy, he was peaceful and loyal up to his death.
All these years whenever we met he would greet me with same respect just like he did on day one when we first met.

I appreciate NRM officials and UPDF for the love you gave Julius and confidence which made him serve our nation and Africa in a saintly way. Let the people who worked with him testify ,this man was a saint.

In April I saw a picture of late Julius kneeling before his people of Amuru asking forgiveness for mistakes he made!!!!!
Rest in peace and let God Almighty bless, protect, sustain his widow and orphans.
Ugandans please let us support his family members financially and spiritually.