The government has denied any mediation dialogue between president Yoweri kaguta Museveni and the former presidential candidates of forum for Democratic change Kizza Besigye.

Last week, Daily Monitor quoted Katrina Byrenius Rosland, the Swedish Foreign Ministry spokesperson, saying Sweden had been asked to facilitate possible dialogue in Uganda.

It also follows  Besigye’s confirming that the talks between him and Museveni are going to transpire to ensure that an external audit into the 2016 presidential election results is conducted by an external body.

Addressing journalists at Uganda media center, the Executive Director media center also deputy spokesperson of the government Ofwono Opondo said that Besigye’s claimed that Museveni and his officials approached him and they agreed to have an audit into elections results and his peaceful exits terming it as drama.

But the Government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo says there is no dialogue whatsoever between Museveni and Besigye.

Ofwono said that the purported election audit doesn’t arise since it doesn’t conform to the laws of Uganda. He said it is laughable that Besigye thinks the ruling National Resistance Movement party is willing to discuss Museveni’s exit as if he is a criminal.

According to Ofwono, the only ongoing dialogues are that under the Inter party Organization for Dialogue (IPOD) and National Consultative Forum. He said by making such claims, Besigye is seeking to remain relevant through publicity.

Ofwono asked Besigye to concentrate on mobilizing his supporters for next elections, since it’s the only time when Museveni’s exit can be discussed. He however stated that Government was approached by Inter Religious Council of Uganda (IRCU) and women Groups, to reconcile with aggrieved opposition party members following the 2016 elections.

Ofwono explained that although Government considered the advice the process of dialogue hasn’t kicked off. He said Government is considering implementing reforms suggested by the Supreme Court and different organs to improve elections in the country. Besigye contested and lost to Museveni in the February 2016 polls.

He also notes that Besigye should come out and explain who approached him for a dialogue because Museveni was announced the president and no one can change.

He also notes that the Swedish government is cited to present their spokesperson as the mediator between the two saying that they want the Swedish government to come out and name who approached them to mediate into the issues of Uganda.