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“I have earned enough this festive season, time to go to the village” says Evelyn Kabagenyi

By Kiyimba Bruno

Evelyn Kabagenyi is a designer found at National theatre shop 40. She says that this festive season has worked madly to her that she needs to go to the village and rest for a month.

T shirts at her place are sold at UGX30,000 where dresses range between UGX 40,000 and UGX 60,000. Open shoes at her place are at UGX30,000 as a good scarf being sold at UGX20,000.


Evelyn  sells bags at UGX 50,000 and her necklaces which looked good, range from between  UGX 10,000 and UGX 20,000.


She advises men to make this Christmas like the way it used to be in those olden days before we were born. She asked them to have something different this Christmas for their families as well as having ample time for their wives.


Evelyn also advised ladies to dress in the African style during Christmas season since it is who they are and does not go out of trade.

She adds that bright colours are the best colours she could ever have. She wishes all her customers a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. Below are some of the items she deals with





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