Moms have a special place in society. What would we do without moms? Mothers work tirelessly to bring up children to become upstanding members of society. Moms teach us life lessons that leave an everlasting impact in our lives. We are who we are because of our moms. Even when we become adults they still see us as their children.

Here are qualities that tell you were brought up by s strong woman:

  1. you value the hustle

Strong moms teach children to work hard for their money. To be successful in life, you need to have financial discipline and one of the most important things mothers teach us is to spend money wisely. Strong moms teach you how to cook and clean up after yourself, to value quality relationships and to take care of your head.


  1. you love yourself

Your mom taught you to love yourself first to have enough love to give others. If you love and respect yourself, say thank you to your mom.


  1. you are a good parent

Your mother taught you (in her unique way) how to be a good mother or father to your kids. One such way that she taught you how to be a good parent is the unconditional love your mom gave you. She gave you protection and held the family unit together.


  1. you know the importance of patience

A strong mom will teach their kids how to be patient with others. If you are patient with other people and have room in your heart to forgive,

that’s probably your mother’s fault


  1. you are empathetic

This is one of the most important traits that children pick up from their mothers. Mothers teach us how to respect other peoples’ feelings and to avoid being selfish. Strong moms also instill kindness and loyalty in a child.

  1. you are independent

Mothers teach us how to be independent and to make key decisions on our own. This does not mean that you don’t need others. It only means that you can make important judgments when solving problems.