These are all the struggles we have been through:

1. Asking God ‘when will you do mine own’
Since you see your friends getting cars and you are still scraping the ground with your feet, a car becomes your special request when it comes to Sunday service as if God works at a auto dealership.


2. You always see but can’t have

When you see people driving in their nice cars, you go like how I wish. Please you have a car already, that’s what you use t walk so stop wishing

3. Having to walk even though you are tired

What choice do you really have anyway ?

4. Cracked Heels


The soles of your feet becomes so cracked that they can burst a ball and you are shy to wear sandals.

5. Smelly Shoes

Since you are always working, your shoes develop a deadly scent that smells normal to you.

6. Your shoes never last

You buy the shoe today, the heel is worn out tomorrow. (Walking machine)