It’s easy to think that an ugly man with a pretty or hot woman is probably with her because he may be fully loaded and probably throwing a lot of her cash her way.

That could be true. But there are other reasons why women date men other people think are ugly.

1. Women like to feel good

Women tend to like men who make them FEEL good. Looks are important but what comes after also matter to a lot of women. So if she feels good around a man, she may give him a chance.

Feel good

2. An ugly guy’s personality can far outweigh his looks

Many guys who fail to make it to the class of good looks usually compliment their limited looks with a great attitude. A lot of times you realize these guys are insanely cool and their personality covers up any flaws in the looks department.


3. If he has his act together, looks won’t matter

If he works hard, focuses on developing himself and works at being the best version of himself, observant women will most likely find him attractive and won’t mind being with him.


4. Ugly guys treat women better

He has probably heard all his life that he is not good looking. Therefore when he finds a woman, he invests a lot into making her feel special so that she does not leave him.

urgly man with beatiful lady

5. Some women have low self esteem

Because some women only see their flaws, they do not believe that a good looking man will want to be with them and will probably settle for something less.

Low self esteem


So don’t be too quick to judge when you see two people you feel are not a match when it comes to their looks. They might just have something the good looking ones don’t.