1. If you want to keep getting what you’ve been getting, keep doing what you’ve been doing. Alternatively: If you’re not getting wealthy, then STOP doing what you’ve been doing.get-rich


  1. People who drive Lamborghini and fly jet sets around the world did not get there because they “Got Rich Slowly” by investing in stocks, in transport, and contributing more in their saving Accounts. Those techniques are not an effective road to wealth.


  1. The “Get Rich Slowly” approach is faulty because it takes a lifetime of work, it’s dependent on getting lucky with your come_diventare_ricchiinvestments, and even if you do get rich, you’ll be too old to enjoy it.


  1. Except for very few people (i.e. lottery winners), wealth is not an event but a process. People focus on events like selling their company or winning a big contract, but the real story is not the events but the processes and hard work that made those events more likely. If you skip the process, you won’t get the events.women with money


  1. People come up with all kinds of reasons for why they “deserve” to be wealthy: they come from a prestigious background, they have a great business plan, they think positively, they are “doing getting r  what they love”, and so on. None of that stuff matters. Becoming wealthy is not about having the right prerequisites; it’s about taking smart risks, putting in the hours, and not quitting.