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Tuesday, January 10th, 2017


Why President Museveni Appointed His Son Presidential Advisor?

By Kiyimba Bruno Major General David Muhoozi has been promoted to the rank of a full General and appointed the chief of defense force by the commander in chief of the Armed forces and president of Uganda General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. General Muhoozi’s appointment pushes the former CDF General Ktumba Wamala to be appointed as the minister of state for works in the government of the republic of Uganda. His appointment has left many Ugandans confused whether it is the son of the president of Uganda Major General MuhooziRead More

The Uganda Volleyball Federation Gets New Boss

By Kiyimba Bruno The Uganda Volleyball Federation has finalized their election process and after long struggles the lady has been opted as president. Hadijja Namanda managed to go through with 57 votes ahead of Joseph Odong who had 48 vote. Lastly was  Okilla Eddie who managed to get on 21 votes. Other posts went as follows; General secretary . Conelius Egwenyu  94,Hassan SSekajolo 31 Treasurer Mugisha Adam 78,Appolo Kalanzi 47 1st vice president Isma Bagaga 89,Sempira Joseph 32 2nd vice president Patricia Ahumuza who went unopposed The positions ofRead More


By Kiyimba Bruno Pepsi beach soccer league resumes this weekend with the known Kansanga derby between Kabalagala rangers and KIU. According to the team captain KIU Mr. Akabwai Geoffrey, the team is just ready to at what ever food that comes its way. Akabwai says that since history Kabalagala rangers has never beaten his team and they are ready to place them in their place. The last time in the first round of the season that these 2 teams played no one came up with a win but insteadRead More


By Kiyimba Bruno As we get near to the last game of the National Basketball league in Uganda, city oil has shown fire that they can still retain the trophy a forth time. When we visited their training camp at the MTN arena Lugogo, all boys were set and physically feet. The team captain Jimmy Enabu says that they shall not leave any stone un turned. A squad of 12 players trained today under instructions of the head coach Monday Juruni who looked so eager to get positive results.Read More


By Kiyimba Bruno Arrangements for the national cross country are on going and the venue only awaits athletes. That’s a statement made by Aggrey Kagonyera the event director for the national cross country that is going to take place at Kololo Air strip in Kampala. Aggrey adds that they expect athletes to put in their best since this is the last trial for the world cross country that is due to take place this year According to the head of competitions Mr. Kiwa Faustino, they are having grievances withRead More

4 Reasons you should start your own Business

By Kiyimba Bruno Sparing time  can take you through many drills at times you look idle yet you are not.  Initially you’ll work longer hours for less pay.  But if you do it right, you could start to master your schedule and the freedom that being an entrepreneur provides is awesome. You must have story to tell. Whenever I tell someone I run my own business, they always want to know what I do, how I do it and how it’s going. I always am able to provide a taleRead More

The Inside story: What the Military reshuffle Means for Uganda

By Mike Ssegawa What can one read out of the reshuffle that saw Gen Katumba Wamala and deputy Charles Angina replaced by David Muhoozi and Wilson Mbadi respectively? The reshuffle in the military was long overdue, just like in the police force. Gen Katumba joins the list of army commanders who have led UPDF for the shortest period of time. The list has the first commanders including Gen Salim Saleh and Gen Elly Tumwine as well as Gen Jeje Odong. It is only three years since he was appointed ChiefRead More