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Monday, January 9th, 2017


Why URA officials Were Snubbed by Hon. Kadaga in parliament over Oil Money

By Najibu Mulema Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) officials led by Doris Akol stormed parliament over the scandalous presidential handshake debate, only to be kicked out by the speaker whom they say had no prior knowledge of their coming. Tomorrow, members of parliament are going to debate about the controversial presidential handshake which saw 42 senior government officials rewarding themselves shs 6 billion after URA’s court settlement win against a British Oil firm,Tullow oil. According to Parliament spokesperson, Chris Obore, the House resumes tomorrow after recess and indeed a section ofRead More

Kasese leaders denounce violence in Rwenzori Region

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and some members from the royal family of Rwenzururu Kingdom have witnessed the signing, by serving and former Ministers, Movement veterans and royal guards of the Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu, of a statement of apology and renunciation of insurgency activities in the Rwenzori Region. The statement showed the leaders’ admission of their individual and collective acts that preceded the 27th November 2016 incident which included attacks on Police posts, constant harassment of Police personnel and defiance of Government Authority which they considered regrettable as it had ledRead More

Mumbere Bail Hearing pushed to Another date

Accompanied by several police officers and prison warders, Rwenzururu king King Mumbere  arrived at the Jinja High court dressed in a black suite, white shirt and necktie at exactly 10:16am today ready for his bail application hearing . However, the hearing stalled after the DPP requested court to transfer the case file to the International Crimes Division of the High court (ICD). State prosecutor Rachel Bikhole informed presiding justice Eva Luswata that she had instructions to oppose the hearing of Mumbere’s bail application before the Criminal Division of the HighRead More

Two Fundamental Work attitude that pays off

By Kiyimba Bruno Do not sleep at work Many people often get bored while at their places of work. In the due end they end up putting their heads on the tables, others start dosing, if it’s a saloon some ladies even get a mat and begin serious sleeping. If am your boss and find you in such a mood, trust me next day you wont be me employee. You must always be positive at work Try to avoid all the risks that could mislead you always get somethingRead More

Causes of Constipation and its home remedies

Constipation is defined as infrequent passage of hard stools. Individuals may also complain of straining, a sensation of incomplete evacuation of the rectum and abdominal discomfort. One will often feel like going to the toilet but won’t easily be able to pass out any waste on visiting the toilet. Causes of constipation may either be directly from in within the alimentary canal or indirectly from other systems of the body. They include; The most common cause is poor diet, inform of eating fiber-less solid food without taking enough water IrritableRead More