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Saturday, September 17th, 2016


10 Habits that Kill Your Time

The most valuable asset you have is time. You can make more money when you waste it but you can’t make more time when you waste it. We’re all running out of time. There aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. That’s just life. However, if you feel like your inability to schedule your days is ruining your performance at work, that’s probably a bad sign. It’s important to identify and drop harmful time-wasting tendencies before they seriously mess up your career. Here are 10 awful timeRead More

Shocking! Pastor Arrested For Rubbing Olive Oil On Church Member

After Police recovered two guns that included a pistol and an AK47 from the church of Pastor Samuel Kakande at Kubbiri, Mulago, and arrested two people who include the ADC of Pastor Kakande and one Indian [national], another pastor, the founder and leader of Faith Word Church International  has been arrested by the police for allegedly rubbing Olive oil in the vagina and on the clitoris of his church member. Pastor Edmond  according to police, claimed he was casting evil spirits that had possessed the victim by applying the oilRead More

Teacher Sentenced to Jail for Sodomizing His Pupils

Ronald Isabirye, a teacher at Bethel Junior primary School at Namulanda along Entebbe road has been handed a jail sentence of 20 years after he pleaded guilty of his own of sodomizing 6 pupils he was meant to teach. He was arrested in February 2013 following a complaint by a parent who claimed his seven-year-old kid had blamed his teacher for the anal rupture and stomach pains before he was taken to Entebbe hospital before he was referred to Mulago hospital. Flanked by his mother, the little boy recorded aRead More

Miria Matembe says Parliament Spokesman Chris Obore is a crook

This week saw the worst of television when NBS TV invited Parliament Spokesman Chris Obore to join a panel of eminent political commentators to explain how the August House has become a center of public criticism.   The Frontline show however turned ugly when it became apparent the guest in Obore wasn’t ready to be civil. Media Centre boss Ofwono Opondo, started the shooting in Obore’s hip when he pointed out how parliament was insensitive to the economic circumstances of the country and members were continuing to demand more privileges.Read More

King Oyo Celebrates 21 Years On Throne

Hundreds of guests  thronged the Tooro Kingdom palace in Fort Portal for the 21st coronation anniversary of King, Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukiidi IV. King Oyo celebrated 21 years on the throne at his palace in Fort Portal town. The celebrations were preceded by a thanksgiving service at St . John’s Cathedral Kabarole.   The event was graced by delegations from Buganda, Bunyoro and other cultural institutions. Notable was also Erias Lukwago, the Lord Mayor Kampala. President Museveni is represented by Kirunda Kivenjinja,  the second deputy prime minister and MinisterRead More

Ssekikubo”s Rival Files Fresh Election Petition

Mr Patrick Nkalubo, who lost to Mr Ssekikubo, has filed fresh election petition challenging the victory of alleging that Mr Ssekikubo, the NRM flag bearer and incumbent MP, was declared winner of the February 18 polls ‘by error’ after he ‘fraudulently’ attained the highest number of votes. Theodore Ssekikubo says these are contemptuous court cases that are only intended to disrupt his concentration in parliament. Mr Ssekikubo was declared winner with 9,272 votes, beating Mr Nkalubo (Ind.) who garnered 8,074 votes followed by Wilber Nahwera (157 votes) and Andrew AnkundaRead More

South African Universities To Offer Witchcraft Courses – Minister

In the next two years, students enrolling in public Universities in South Africa will now have the free invitation to join witchcraft in order to get flying power so as to help the country solve traffic jam problem according to the South African Minister of Higher Education and Training, Blade Nzimande. Speaking to representatives from student unions around the country, the minister announced the shocking move and urged future university entrees to consider taking Witchcraft. “There is a lot we can learn from witchcraft, like how they fly in that winnowingRead More