Here are 10 things that happen to your body when you don’t get enough sleep.

1. It hurts your metabolism
It can lead to a lack of ideal metabolic function. It can make you feel hungrier than usual and lead to over eating.

2. Slows brain function
Studies show that lack of enough sleep has the same effect as being drunk.

3. Weight gain
Failure to get enough sleep can boost weight gain.

4. Slurred speech
This is due to the slowed brain function.

5. Hand tremors
Your hands shake due to hormone fluctuations.

6. Reduced threshold for seizures
If you don’t get enough sleep you’re more susceptible to seizures

7. Higher sensitivity
If you’re sleep deprived, you feel pain more acutely.

8. Growth impediment
Failure to get enough sleep in children leads to impeded growth as the production of the growth hormone is disrupted.

9. Impaired glucose tolerance
This increases risk of diabetes.

10. Increased risk of chronic illness
Such as cancer and alzheimers.