If you are asking a lady out for the first time, 98.5% of the chances are that she will pretend not to be interested. Unless other wise she is among the few who have the ” I don’t care attitude”, or slut.

We have heard this over and time again, ladies pretending they are not really interested in sex but once they get in the bedroom, you will be amazed at what they can do. “things just fall apart”!.

From our survey on social media, respondents  came up with 10 reasons why its so.

1. To prove she has less partners than she has actually had

9 reasons why she acts like she is uninterested in sex


Some women say no with the aim of portraying themselves as secondary virgins. They say no so you can assume they had only had sex a few times.

2. To give the assumption that they are chased

Women want to feel like they gave in because the man did not let up on going after them. They do not want to admit they actually wanted him.


3. They don’t see it as something to flaunt

Unlike men, women do not see sex as a badge of honour. They do not see it as something they have to announce and flaunt.

4. They want you to beg for it

She considers sex a favour and does not want to simply give in without some form of grovelling.


5.  First time is toughest

For the first time you are with her, you will need to put in some effort. Afterwards, she will reveal her true self.

6. They are pretenders

Women are used to pretending to be what they are not. For instance, they pretend they are not really into you or that they do not find you sexually attractive.

7. They want to see how sharp you are

A woman wants someone that is smart and confident. One of the proofs of such intelligence is being able to woo her into having sex with you.


8. They do not want to be used

Most women know that if they out rightly tell you how much they love or want sex, men will take advantage of that and used and dump them.

9. They do not want to look cheap

Women pretend not to want sex so they will not come across as cheap. While a man is allowed to be a horndog and chase women, women are not allowed to come across the same way.

10. Many Women Aren’t Comfortable Making The First Move